in a way, it made me think of kris. the goodbye part of it.


Leaving Promises Behind [EXOfic]

i saw a post. it was a really short fanfic, just a few lines. so i was inspired to write a longer one, though the thought is still the same. i tried to look for it so that i could give credit to the owner, but i can’t find it anymore. so CREDIT to the owner of the one i saw.


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"You’re leaving."


Kris turned around, surprised that he didn’t hear someone entering the room. He was so deep in thought that Suho caught him off guard. *Do I tell him the truth? or do i keep it to myself*


"I-" Kris started to say, but was quickly interrupted by Suho.


"Don’t lie. Don’t insult me that way. Don’t insult our friendship that way." Suho told Kris, his gaze fixed on the tree directly outside the window.


"I wasn’t planning on lying. You know me better than that." Kris answered Suho, infuriated at what he was implying. He stalked towards the window, looking at the same tree that Suho’s gaze was focused on. Kris was contemplating on how to explain to his friend his decision.


"Keeping secrets and certain things untold is still lying. Lying by omission." Suho continued to cut the silence that was lengthening between them.


"I…" Kris tried to start, but he was still on how to explain that he couldn’t continued after the first word out of his mouth. He was so used to keeping things to himself that sharing it to others is still hard for him.


"You can’t just keep everything bottled up. Eventually, you’ll blow up. You’re a walking time bomb waiting to happen." Suho struggled on, he doesn’t plan on giving up, not on Kris.


Kris still kept his silence. He was floundering inside his head, trying to muddle through the jumbled thoughts in it. After a few minutes of tossing and turning inside his head, he gave up on organizing his thoughts, he was too confused, too messed up right now.


"Kim Jun Myeon…" Kris started to say, this earned Suho’s full attention, it wasn’t everyday that his full name was used in a conversation.


Suho stared at Kris, now having his full undivided attention, Kris was looking at him straight in the eyes, unwavering in its intensity. There was so much pain in his eyes that Suho took a sharp intake of breath, never has he seen Kris this way.


Kris took a deep breath, he repeated Suho’s name and continued on, “Kim Jun Myeon, do you trust me?”


"Ofcourse I do…" Suho answered, his voice strong and sincere, Kris smiled and started to open his mouth to say something, but Suho beat him to it, he apparently wasn’t finished, as he looked at Kris straight in the eye, he spoke, words carefully chosen.


"It’s my choice to trust you, and I always will, but to break all the promises we’ve made, that’s your choice, that’s on you."


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this doesn’t generally mean anything. its just an outlet for all the hurt that i’m feeling right now. i still have hope in me. there is an inextinguishable flame of hope in me.




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